Weekly Stages & Programs


These are programs of 5 consecutive and expandable days, aimed at young people and adults with certain technical and physical skills to practice tennis, who want to do an intensive training period:


  • Pre-season stage
  • Tournament Circuit Preparation
  • Summer Stage (from June to September)
  • Week "full tennis"
  • Corporate Program (exclusive companies)



  • Individual training sessions or in small groups (established according to age criteria and level of play).


  • Before starting the program and if necessary, the Academy reserves the right to take a level test to the student in order to assign the most appropriate group.


  • Training sessions in the morning, afternoon or both.


  • The tennis training program will be completed with specific physical preparation sessions.


  • For residents of other geographical areas, optional accommodation and transfer services are provided from Barcelona and Girona airports.


  • Summer Stage: from June, coinciding with the school break, there are weekly and monthly periods that allow more intensive work to be carried out in a shorter space of days. Groups and levels according to age and level of play.


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December is the time of the year in which professional tennis players intensely work to improve technical, physical, psychological, and tactical aspects in which during the year it is difficult to deepen due to the demands of the competition calendar. The player must try to arrive in the best conditions at the beginning of the tournament season to deal with travel, competitions, fatigue, and even possible injuries.
This period usually lasts from 4 to 6 weeks and in it, the physical exercise that becomes the protagonist intensifies in a very noticeable way. The sessions in the gym increase and intensify, passing over the technical work.

All this workload also requires close monitoring by the physiotherapist during this period since he must ensure the recovery of the player at the end of the day.
MBA Tennis Academy students and players also carry out their preseason and learn to internalize the work discipline that this entails, the workloads, the intensity and the dedication required. Although it is true that the intensity varies according to the group and the level in which each one of them is, since in addition, in their case, they continue to compete in the national tournaments that are still active on these dates.

David de Miguel, Technical Director of the Academy explains in this video how he carried out the pre-seasons as a coach with players such as Marcel Granollers or Arancha Sanchez Vicario.

Physical work is also done on the track: accelerations, springs, changes of rhythms, displacements. All of them are part of the daily training.

Jordi Burillo, Sports Director, tells how his own pre-season as a player was #TOP 40 ATP

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