Programas de tenis

MBA Tennis Academy propone diferentes grupos en función del nivel de cada jugador para que los interesados en el tenis, socios o no socios del Club Tennis Cabrils, puedan cumplir con sus expectativas de jugar en un entorno privilegiado. Los alumnos son tutelados por los miembros de la Competition Tennis Schoolwho follow and promote the comprehensive training of young athletes.

The Academia de Tenis The tennis Academy prioritizes close contact with the student and their family environment to, in this way, offer adequate monitoring of the player's tennis evolution. For this reason, places in each of the different groups are always limited and are subject to availability.



El Grupo de Tenis de Alto Rendimiento it is focused on those young people who commit to an intensive training plan at all different levels: technical, tactical, physical and mental. 


It is a small group of students that allows offering a rhythm and intensity of training adapted to the individual game of each of the students.


The main purpose is to prepare and accompany them in their comprehensive training so that they can take the step to the Professional Players Circuit.


Students start to have a more flexible online study  plan that allows them to combine training hours with study hours, as well as traveling during the school period to hold some tournaments.


The members of this Group may choose to be part of the Teams that will represent the Cabrils Tennis Club in the different categories at the regional and national level. 


Admission to the High Performance Group is subject to the specific assessment of the Technical Team of the Academy.



This Training Group is aimed at young tennis players from the age of 14 who already have a certain level of play and their degree of commitment allows them to bet on their participation in the world of competition.


The objective of this level is to perfect the strokes, movements and game tactics as basic improvement tools. The technical, tactical and physical skills acquired in previous stages allow them to face the challenges of the competition with guarantees.


The student must have their corresponding updated federative license. 


The members of this Competition Plus Group may choose to be part of the Teams that will represent the Cabrils Tennis Club in the different male and female categories of regional and national competitions.  


The entry and selection of the members of the Team will be carried out by the Technical Team of the MBA Tennis Academy..



Este Grupo de Tecnificación/Competición de Tenis está orientado a aquellos jóvenes tenistas a partir de los 10 años que han jugado en etapas  anteriores.


Se trabajan las habilidades mínimas necesarias para iniciarse con ciertas garantías las primeras competiciones tenísticas si lo desean.


The objective of this level is to deepen the technique of all the basic strokes and to work on movements and game tactics as basic improvement tools. 


Los miembros de este Grupo de Tecnificación-Competición podrán optar a formar parte de los Equipos que representarán al Club de Tennis Cabrils en las diferentes categorías de las competiciones a nivel regional y nacional.


El ingreso y la selección de los integrantes del Equipo del Club Tennis Cabrils correrán a cargo del Equipo Técnico de la MBA Tennis Academy.

General services Junior Programs

  • Personalized training training according to the needs of each player 


  • Small groups of students


  • Physical preparation service

Specific training for the game and for the prevention of injuries. Sport activities.

  • Physiotherapy service

15 free minutes for control evaluation and for the treatment of injuries whenever the student requires it. Special prices for other additional treatments that may be necessary.

  • Sports psychology service

Complement in the integral formation of the player. On demand.


  • Accompaniment to tournaments


  • Coaching service

Monitoring in competition by the technical staff of the Academy. Travel, living and lodging expenses for the coach not included.

  • Personalized calendar of national and international competitions


  • Team Tournaments (Interclubs)

Possibility of being part of the Cabrils Tennis Club Team under the criteria of the Technical Staff

  • Players room

Access to rest and study space for High Performance Group students

  • Accommodation

Housing type in private house or temporary rental in the area for students and / or families who request it (optional)

  • Airport transfers

For students from other communities or countries, two transfers (round trip) from Barcelona and / or Girona airports are included

  • Preparatory English courses for official exams (optional)


  • USA University Scholarships 

Possibility of combining university studies with tennis practice and team competition (optional)

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