The Competition Tennis School MBA Tennis Academy is led by former tennis players David de Miguel, Jordi Burillo and Tino Anda. The initials of their surnames arranged in the same order, give the Academy its name: MiguelBurilloAnda.


Three lives dedicated to the world of tennis, first as players on the professional Circuit and later as coaches and coaches in other tennis schools, have finally come together with one goal: to accompany young tennis players in the development of their potential as players.

The extensive experience lived in the circuit by the three professionals is made available to the students and forms the philosophy of the Academy. The students receive training both on a sporting and personal level, because in addition to talent and good physical preparation, a good emotional training is also necessary.

In their work, they help to identify both the strengths and objectives as well as those factors that may limit the performance of the students, providing them with the necessary tools to successfully face their training sessions, their games and, ultimately, their sports career.

MBA-Tennis-Academy- Team MBA - David de Miguel (1)

David de Miguel


Date of birth: 07/02/1965 (Mataró)

• Best National Ranking 4
• Best ATP Ranking 81
• Best ATP Doubles Ranking 68

• Titled Master of Tennis by the Spanish Tennis Federation
• Champion Spain under 16
• Champion Spain under 18
• Spanish member under 18 - Winner of the Sunshine Cup 1983 (World Championship)
• Orange Bowl Semifinalist


Coach of:

Jordi Burillo

Date of birth: 07/12/1972 (Mataró)

• Best Individual Ranking ATP 43
• Best ATP 100 Doubles Ranking

• Davis Cup member and player
• ATP doubles finalist San Marino 1990
• Marbella 1990 ATP Doubles Finalist
• ATP Bologna Champion 1993
• Finalist ATP Florence 1993
• Winner Challenge Ljubljana 1995
• Winner City of Barcelona 1995
• Double winner Conde de Godó 1997
• Winner Challenge Ostende 1997
• Winner El Espinar 1997


Coach of:

? • Julián Alonso
? • Albert Montañés

MBA-Tennis-Academy- Team MBA - Jordi Burillo (1)
MBA-Tennis-Academy- Team MBA - Tino Anda (2)

Tino Anda

Date of birth: 16/4/1968 (Zaragoza)

• Best National Ranking: 27
• Best ATP Ranking: 474
• Best ATP Doubles Ranking: 304
• Component of the Spanish Federation Team 1982-1988
• Borotra Cup (under 16)
• Valerio Cup (under 18) Finalists
• Galea Cup (under 21) Winners
• Sunshine Cup Florida’s World Championship
• Roland Garros (sub 18)
• Messina's Intern. Championship (U16) - Winner
• Nice's Intern. Championship (U18) - Winner
• ATP Satelite de Murcia - Winner 1999
• ATP Satelite de Murcia in doubles - Winner 1999
• 14 years at Bruguera Tennis Academy "Top Team" (Barcelona) 2000-2014


Coach of: Aino Alkio 2015-2017

Mission MBA

Our mission is to contribute to the integral development of young athletes through the teaching of tennis, focusing on both their sporting and human evolution, instilling in them the intrinsic values of sport and competition: effort, attitude, perseverance, education, humility, companionship. , motivation and respect.

Vision MBA

Our vision is to project ourselves as a reference Academy in the sector due to the quality of our teaching and our professionalism, with the ambition to face new challenges that also allow us to grow in facilities and services for the great family of tennis lovers of the Cabrils Tennis Club and MBA Tennis Academy.

MBA Values



We love what we do. We have dedicated our lives to tennis and we want to bring all of our professional experience as players and coaches to those who, like us, have a passion for the sport, regardless of age.



Both the evolution of the Academy and that of each player are far from any individuality but are built on a solid foundation of sincere collaboration and support from the union of forces.



Transparency and sincerity are axes on which we have built our common MBA Tennis Academy project and which we have extended to our relationship with families and students.

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