Are you one of the parents who bet that their children acquire good self-esteem and healthy habits? 


The practice of tennis offers numerous benefits to the little ones- they grow physically, psychologically, and socially. The game is the common thread that contributes to the forging of their character and personality, learning the value of effort, overcoming, and managing their personal relationships with colleagues, opponents and trainers from respect, empathy and control of emotions usually.


The Basic Tennis School is aimed at the youngest students who are beginning to become familiar with the practice of tennis. Maresme. makes it also an ideal extracurricular activity for the little ones.

The objective in this stage is to promote the technique of the basic strokes of the game in order to internalize and mechanize them gradually.

Fun is a fundamental component in these early stages of learning and therefore the training sessions are carried out through various recreational-sports activities.

These are group classes, where special attention is paid to motor skills and where boys and girls learn in a fun way.



Tuesday and/or Thursday:de 17:30h a 19:00h 

Saturday: from 9:30 A.M. to 11 A.M.

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Weekend Tennis School


The weekend basic tennis takes place on Saturday mornings, in the Tennis Cabrils facilities. Club Tennis Cabrils.  Supone una opción ideal para aquellos niños que no pueden asistir durante la semana y que quieren aprovechar el fin de semana disfrutando de esta actividad deportiva al aire libre. También es un buen refuerzo para aquellos que quieren seguir aprendiendo y disfrutando de su deporte favorito durante el fin de semana.


General School and Improvement

At the Saturday Beguinners, training sessions are primarily organized according to the age of the young players and may be focused on:


  • introduction to tennis for the youngest players
  • for those who only have the weekend to start practicing tennis.
  • for those who want to reinforce their weekly tennis training with an additional day



Saturday mornings:

  • From 9:30 A.M. to 11 A.M. 
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