MBA-Tennis-Academy- A qué edad se puede empezar a ajugar a tenis

At what age can you start playing tennis?

At what age can you start playing tennis?

This is usually a very common question, and engaging in sports is necessary. The sooner we help establish a good exercise routine for the youngest members of the household, the better. But it is also true that it will depend on the dexterity, coordination, and skills of each child.

Starting from 3 or 4 years old, a child already possesses a certain level of motor skills that allow them to begin practicing tennis. It's also true that for years now, brands have been offering rackets of various sizes suitable for children's height, making it easier for them to have fun and hit the ball cleanly and safely.

On the other hand, enjoyment is a fundamental component at these ages, and we must ensure that the child has a good time and enjoys the activity with their peers.

Tennis is a well-rounded sport in which a child develops both physical and psychological aspects that contribute to the formation of their personality and cognitive abilities. Additionally, being a mentally demanding sport, young players learn from an early age to think, make decisions, and later on, analyze matches and opponents. In essence, they learn to develop their emotional intelligence.

During these early stages the Programs at MBA Tennis Academy's Beginners MBA Tennis Academy are focused on promoting the technique of basic game strokes, aiming to internalize and gradually automate them. Through sessions of mini-tennis and dynamic games, they learn to coordinate their movements, gauge distances, and build confidence from the outset.

If you have any doubts, the members of the Technical Team of the Academy can help you. You can write to us or come visit us at Cabrils Tennis Club (Barcelona).