The The High Performance Tennis Program it is focused on those young people who commit to an intensive training plan at all different levels: technical, tactical, physical and mental.


It is a small group of students that allows offering a rhythm and intensity of training adapted to the individual game of each of the students.


The main purpose is to prepare and accompany them in their comprehensive training so that they can take the step to the Professional Players Circuit.


Students start to have a more flexible online study plan that allows them to combine training hours with study hours, as well as traveling during the school period to hold some tournaments.


The members of this Group may choose to be part of the Teams that will represent the Cabrils Tennis Club in the different categories at the regional and national level.

The Admission to the High Performance Group is subject to the specific assessment of the Technical Team of the Academy.

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Specific services HIGH PERFORMANCE

  • 20 hours per week of tennis training 
  • 10 hours per week of specific physical preparation
  • 2 players per court
  • Participation in  national and / or international tournaments: ATP / ITF / Tennis Europe
  • From Monday to Friday (5 days) full day
  • Morning session: from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Afternoon session: from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Online or more specific study plan that facilitates being absent and traveling during tournaments.

General services Junior Programs

  • Personalized training training according to the needs of each player 
  • Small groups of students
  • Physical preparation service: eSpecific training for the game and for the prevention of injuries. Sport activities.
  • Physiotherapy service15 free minutes for control evaluation and for the treatment of injuries whenever the student requires it. Special prices for other additional treatments that may be necessary.
  • Sports psychology servicecomplement in the integral formation of the player. On demand.
  • Accompaniment to tournaments
  • Coaching serviceMonitoring in competition by the technical staff of the Academy. Travel, living and lodging expenses for the coach not included.

Personalized calendar of national and international competitions

Team Tournaments (Interclubs)possibility of being part of the Cabrils Tennis Club Team at the discretion of the technical Staff

Players roomfree access to rest and study space for students in the High Performance Group

Accommodation housing in a private home or temporary rental in the area for students and/or families who request it (optional)

Airport transfers for players from other communities or countries, two transfers (round trip) from Barcelona and/or Girona airports are included

Preparatory English courses for official exams (optional)

USA University Scholarshipspossibility of combining university studies with playing tennis and team competition (optional)

MBA-Tennis-Academy- Programa Adultos (6)

Junior Summer Stage

MBA-Tennis-Academy- Bolas Tenis (2)

Stage Junior semanal