The Cabrils Tennis Club has a complete infrastructure to meet the needs of the different social and sports sections and the MBA Tennis Academy training programs:


  • Physical training
  • Sports psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Video analysis
  • Accompaniment of tournaments (national / international)
  • Coaching
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Strung

Physical training

The purpose when scheduling the training of our young players is to provide them with the acquisition of correct training habits. Thus, as they advance in their level, they acquire a specific work routine for their game on the track and for the demands of the competition.

The physical preparation taught by the MBA Tennis Academy specialists respects the growth rates and maturation speeds of the various functional systems at each stage of the student, essential aspects so as not to impair the correct maturation and growth of young tennis players.


Given the importance of injury prevention for any athlete, the MBA Academy incorporates the Physiotherapy service for its students and for club members in general.


In the facilities facilitiesthemselves, a specialist technician offers a quick and effective response to the possible needs of pain treatment, muscular and joint pathologies or mobility improvements.

Sports Psychology

The role of sports psychology in tennis is to improve the performance of the player and to be a point of support in the face of day-to-day situations that can affect their sports performance.

For this reason, the work is often carried out in training places or in tournaments, places where the tennis player performs as such and where his personality is directly observed. This is the reason that has led the MBA Tennis Academy to incorporate this professional service into the Academy itself, upon request.


The presence of the coach in competitive matches provides security for students and allows coaches to observe the response of young tennis players in the most tied moments.

The coach's travel, living and accommodation expenses are not included in the price of the Programs.

Accompaniment Tournaments

The technical staff offers the families of the students a proposal for programming a competition calendar based on the level and personal goals of each player.

The accompaniment service can range from the management of entries to competitions, transportation to them and the supervision of the match by a coach.


The Academy offers students from other communities or countries two free round-trip transportation services from the airports of Barcelona or Girona. Thus, in the facilities themselves, a specialist technician offers a quick and effective response to the possible needs of pain treatment, muscle and joint pathologies or mobility improvements.


The Academy will provide, upon request, housing type accommodation or rental service in the area and surroundings for those students and / or families who request it.

String and sports equipment

The racket is to a player what the instrument is to a musician: he must always keep it ready to accompany him in his game. The string, the grip, the dampers, counterweights, etc ... are all essential elements in the care of the racquet.

For this reason, the Academy has a stringing service and basic sports equipment in its own facilities. It also offers personalized advice on the type of string that the player needs, depending on his game, racket and characteristics.

University Studies and Tennis in the USA

The collaboration with the company I-Consports, specialized in the management of scholarships in the USA for young athletes, will allow MBA Tennis Academy students who are committed to combining their university studies with tennis practice and team competition, can count on the advice and guidance necessary for the complete development of your project in the USA.

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