Annual Adults Program


Are you still practicing and still your game does not improve?

Don't you know what you should do to counter the game of your eternal rival?


Many hours of track are not a guarantee of a good level of play if they are not accompanied by clear technical guidelines that help correct errors acquired over the years.


The section of tennis classes for adults is oriented to look for points of improvement, both technical and tactical, necessary to raise the level of the student's game.


The MBA Academy proposes different types of training that are established in a personalized way according to the objectives of each student:


  • Debug the game globally
  • Prepare a competition
  • Debug the technique of some / os blows
  • Know how to analyze and counteract the opponent's game
  • Learn strategies at a tactical level

Classes are 55 minutes but the duration of each session and the frequency of training may vary depending on the recommendations of the Technical Staff.


  • They can be done individually, in pairs or in small groups.


  • They are open to members and non-members of the Cabrils Tennis Club. 


  • Hours available from Monday to Saturday to be agreed


  • Vouchers 5 classes


  • Business pack: special packs for corporate conferences aimed at motivating teams, work incentives and team building actions. 
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