MBA-Tennis-Academy- Concentración en el Tenis (1)

Concentration is also trained

Stay? Within the party? It is not an easy task for any player if he is also surrounded by fans who shout between the points, flashes and cameras during a championship game. However, we see in their faces how they manage to focus on their game, they know how to stay calm and stay focused so they can think quickly and clearly on every point. 


And what is the secret for it? Well, simply put it into practice in each workout. You cannot be distracted during training and then concentrate well in games. Probably even the opposite effect will be produced by desperately trying to concentrate without being used to it. The player has to know exactly what he wants to do at that moment, what to take into account for it, how and when to do it. The more involved you are in your game, the less mistakes you will make and therefore your result and your game will improve.


To achieve this, each player has their own concentration tools, small routines, gestures and resources that help them focus on the court: touch the racket string between point and point, towel off, bounce the ball several times before serving, looking at the place you want to play, etc

And you, what do you do to stay focused?