Pista Touchtennis MBA Tennis Academy

MBA Tennis Academy Tennis School joins Touchtennis

The MBA Tennis School joins the Touchtennis after the inauguration of the artificial grass court of the new form of tennis that is arriving with great force from England: the touchtennis.

The Academy has recovered an old space of the Club, for the creation of a new track where school students and adults who request it, can enjoy this fun discipline.

The Touchtennis was devised in London in 2000 by the businessman Rashid Ahmad and today it is already internationally regulated by Touchtennis Pro Limited (TPL). Later, the RFET brought the discipline to Spain after reaching an agreement with them.

It is played on a court with reduced dimensions (12 × 5 meters for singles and 12.5 meters for doubles) and with adapted materials. That is, a racket of special dimensions, very similar to that of a 5/6 year-old child (minimum length of 20.8" And maximum of 21.5") And a ball of 8 cm in diameter, made of foam specific.

At the regulatory level, it is very similar to tennis itself but has some variants:

  • There is only one service: that is, if the serve touches the net and enters, it continues.
  • In the case of 40 all, a decisive point is played in which the receiver chooses the side to serve.
  • The matches are played in reduced sets of 4 games. The tie at 4 games is decided with a tie-break to the best of 5 points, with a decisive point in the case of 4 equals. tie-break to the best of 5 points, with a decisive point in the case of 4 equals.

If you also want to live the Touchetennis experience, come and see us at  Cabrils Tennis Club or call us!