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The serve in tennis

The importance of the serve in tennis: it is the only stroke that only depends on you

Technique, strength and posture are the key elements that must be combined and harmonized to make one of the most important shots in the game, such as the serve.

It is the only blow in which the opponent does not intervene but depends solely on oneself. Therefore, you can decide where to take the shot based on the play you plan to make: serve and go up to the net, take an open serve to force your opponent to leave the court, etc... Being able to vary and make it unpredictable will also become another advantage as it will make your game more indecipherable.

A good execution of the serve will allow you to destabilize the opponent and take the initiative of the point. And on the contrary, not having a good serve can make us give up all the advantage to our opponent, allowing him to generate a complicated situation for you.

For all these reasons, the serve is a stroke that we teach our students from the basic school and that continues to be perfected in each training, regardless of the level of play.